Music for Home

These are the songs that I give out as rewards for hard work.  Click on any of the songs below and have fun.

J.W. Pepper Sheet Music
All Star- clarinet
All Star – flute
All Star – Saxophone
All Star – trumpet
All Star – trombone
All-town Band 2014 – flute
All Town Band 2014 – clarinet and trumpet
All-town Band 2014 – Sax
All-town Band 2014 – trombone
Bad Romance – experiment – Full Score
Bad Romance – Flute
Bad Romance – clarinet
Bad Romance – Sax
Bad Romance – Trumpet
Bad Romance- Trombone
Bad Romance- Percussion
Call Me Maybe – Flute
Call Me Maybe – clarinet
Call Me Maybe – Sax
Call Me Maybe – Trumpet
Call Me Maybe – Trombone
Chatter with the Angels – 4th Grade
Chorale and Canon – percussion
Christmas songs – flute
Christmas songs – clarinet
Christmas songs – alto sax
Christmas songs – trumpet
Christmas songs – trombone
Declarata percussion
Dynamite- flute
Dynamite – clarinet
Dynamite – Sax
Dynamite – trumpet
Dynamite – trombone
Firework – flute (new)
Firework – clarinet (new)
Firework – saxophone (new)
Firework – trumpet (new)
Firework – trombone (new)
Flute book – BAG
Flute book C and D
FW drum solo
Happy Birthday
Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter
Holiday Sampler- percussion
I Got a Feelin’
Indiana Jones Theme
Jesus Loves Me
Let it Go – flutes
Let it go – saxes
Let it Go – trumpet, clarinet and baritone horn
Let it Go – trombone
Let’s Go Band – flute

Let’s Go Band – clarinet
Let’s Go Band – sax
Let’s Go Band – trumpet
Let’s Go Band – trombone
Let’s Go Band – snare drum
Let’s Go Band – bass drum
Mario Brothers – flute
Mario Brothers – clarinet
Mario Brothers – Sax
Mario Brothers – trumpet
Mario Brothers – trombone
Moves Like Jagger
Muppets – flute
Muppets – clarinet
Muppets – saxophone
Muppets – trumpet
Muppets – trombone
My Country ‘Tis of Thee
Ode to Joy – flute
Ode to joy – clarinet
Ode to Joy – sax
Ode to Joy – trumpet
Ode to Joy – trombone
Ode to Joy – percussion
Oh When the saints – Flute
Oh When the saints – Clarinet in Bb
Oh When the saints – Alto Sax.
Oh When the saints – Trumpet
Oh When the saints – Trombone
Oh When the saints -Snare Drum
Oh When the saints – Bass Drum
Party Rock Anthem
Shake it off – flute
Shake it off just flutes 
Shake it off – clarinet (low)
Shake it off – sax
Shake it off – trumpet and clarinet (high)
Shake it off – trombone
Some Nights – Flute
Some Nights – Clarinet and Trumpet
Some Nights – Alto Sax
Some Nights – Trombone
Soul Sister -Trombone
Soul Sister – Trumpet in Bb
Soul Sister – Alto Sax.
Soul Sister – Clarinet in Bb
Soul Sister – Flute
Star Spangled Banner – Flute
Star Spangled Banner – flute (higher)
Star Spangled Banner – Clarinet
Star Spangled Banner – Sax
Star Spangled Banner – Trumpet
Star Spangled Banner – Trombone
Star Wars Main Theme Trio – flute
Star Wars Main Theme Trio – clarinet, trumpet and treble baritone
Star Wars Main Theme – Eb Sax
Star Wars Main Theme Trio – trombone
Star Wars Main Theme – percussion and flute
Stronger – Flute
Stronger – Clarinet
Stronger – Trumpet
Stronger – Sax
Stronger – Trombone
Surprise Symphony – flute
Surprise Symphony Bb clarinet and trumpet
Surprise Symphony – sax
Surprise Symphony – trombone
Thrift Shop
Tonight, Tonight – Flute
Tonight, Tonight – Clarinet
Tonight, Tonight – Alto Sax
Tonight, Tonight – Trumpet
Tonight, Tonight – Trombone
We are Young – flute
We are Young – clarinet
We are Young – saxophone
We are Young – trumpet
We are Young – trombone
Week 2 – Flute and Sax
Week 2 – Trumpet and Clarinet
Week 2Week 2 Bb


Warm Up Exercises:  scales
Bb warm up exercises-scale sheet
Eb Warm Up Exercises-scale sheet

Week Tbn
First Holiday Concert – trumpet
Ayre and Dance – Baritone Sax
Majestica bass drum
 T-Rex – percussion
All Town Band easy sax
Eb Scale sheet
Shake it off Percussion easy



La Golondrina


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