Lesson Schedule

5th Grade Band Schedule:  FW Band 2017-2018

                                                          Monday,                    Wed                             Friday

Music 1 Sergio H., Jason D., Calleigh G. Ray C., Victoria T., Jayden L., Adwait Arav T., Sam Sarkissian, Will M., Kimberly
Music 2 Nick A., Sam S. Aakansha, Rucha P., Pranathi V. Caitlyn T., Abhay J.
Recess Percussion

Ella A., Nancy T., Quinn M., Sheena, Sneha

Percussion who play wind instruments also Beginner woodwind and trumpet

Alyssa M., Sheba K.

Intervention Ronan D., Debika M., Shamika J., Nicolette G. Full Band Beginner brass

Ashneel E., Lucas, Joseph M?

4th Band Schedule #1

Revision 1



                                                 MON                            WED                              FRI

9:45-10:10 204: Flute 218:  Trumpet and flute 217:  Trumpet and flute
10:10-10:40(in the middle of music class) 204: clarinet and sax 218: clarinet and sax 217: clarinet and sax
4th RECESS:  10:35 206: clarinet and sax Extra help 219:  clarinet and sax
4TH Extension:  1:00pm 206:  Trumpet and flute FULL BAND 219:  Trumpet and trombone

2 thoughts on “Lesson Schedule

  1. Neha Panke

    Hi Mrs.Gendron, I got the email that said it had the lesson schedule, but it said that it can’t find the https. So, if u could tell me when the flutes are that would be great.

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