Francis Wyman Band

NEW 4th Band Schedule 1



                                                         MON                              WED                                FRI


(Gym testing:  206)

Flute 218, 204 Flute, clarinet, sax 217
(Gym testing:  219)
10:10-10:40(in the middle of music class) Clarinet and sax

218, 204

Trumpet, trombone 217
4th RECESS:  10:35 Flute, clarinet, sax 206 Trumpet, trombone 204, 218 Flute, clarinet, sax


4TH Extension:  1:00pm Trumpet, trombone 206 FULL BAND (no instruments yet) Trumpet, trombone




5th Grade

                                                Monday                            Wednesday                     Friday

Music 8:25-8:50 2nd year band members from

202, 220

Samantha, Ayush, Katie 2nd year band members 203
Music 8:50-9:15 Percussion 202, 220 Nikko, Naomi, Gabby, Nathaneal Percussion 203, 221
Recess Percussion 201, 2nd year band members who also want to play percussion 1st year alto saxophone 1st year brass


Jeyana, Baree, Renee, Dillan


FULL BAND REHEARSAL Matt G., Collin, Reagan, Anthony, Vincent Z.

201, etc.


Any 5th graders who would just like to practice their instrument can come down on Monday intervention and Recess (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).
Please report problems to Mrs. Gendron (

2 Comment(s)

  1. Neha Panke

    September 9, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    Hi Mrs.Gendron, I got the email that said it had the lesson schedule, but it said that it can’t find the https. So, if u could tell me when the flutes are that would be great.

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