Schedule for band 4th and 5th grade is in progress

Here is the schedule.  There is also a link to the a hard copy on the SCHEDULE page of this blog.

8:25-8:50 202-(Christian, Anastasia, Cassidy,)

220-(Kirsten, Alex)

202-(Vela, Kathryn, Priya, Natalie, Henry, Layla) 220-(Grace Griffin, Sid)

201-(Sowndaryan,  Dina, Ellie)

8:50-9:15 202-(Scott, Dao, William) 221-( Molly) 220-(Grace, Elizabeth, Olivia)
9:45-10:10 Sax and Clarinet:  217 Sax:  204, 218 Sax:  206, 219
10:10-10:40 Flute:  217 Clarinet:  204, 218 Clarinet :  206, 219
4th RECESS Brass:  217 Flute:  204, 218 Flute:  206, 219
4th LUNCH 11:10-11:35

Percussion (5th)

Mitchell Casella, Nick Berglund,
Dillon O’Reilly, Jake Keane,
Jaden Alford, Alex Bailey,
Eric Sekyaya

Brass:  204, 218 Brass:  206, 219
4th Extension TBD 4TH GRADE BAND not in building
5th Extension 203-



5TH GRADE BAND not in building

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