Going into next year


I hope you had a good year in band.  I really enjoyed it myself.

As far as returning instruments, please notify Leonard’s Music ASAP if your student is not doing band next year. However, if your student is like most and wants to continue into next year, you need not do anything.

If you are continuing and are renting from Leonard’s Music, please don’t return the instrument.  You will lose all the money you’ve paid so far in order to eventually own it.  If you have any questions, go to the Leonard’s Music website:  https://leonardsmusic.myshopify.com/pages/contact-us.

Thank you,



2 thoughts on “Going into next year

  1. hanjon@comcast.net

    Hi Kerry,

    thank you for an awesome year of music and bringing Julia back to band.

    What should we expect from next year? Will Julia go to symphonic band? Does she need to try out for that? Do you recommend that she will stick with the bass clarinet?



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