Flute Cleaning cloths

Each flute player will need a cleaning cloth.  If you do not have one, please get one.

You can use a small piece of an old t-shirt, or any strong, thin and absorbent cloth.


You can order in from the website called The Woodwind & Brasswind.  It’s called a flute cleaning cloth and it cost $6.95.


Music and Arts is the place where you probably rented the flute.  They are out of stock until the middle of October.

If you wish to get it somewhere else, that’s fine.  Just please get it ASAP.


2 thoughts on “Flute Cleaning cloths

  1. I’m sorry but for $30/month we don’t get a cleaning cloth?  If Music and Arts will supply them later, I will wait.  I went to three stores to get drum sticks.  We so appreciate what you do but this really seems like it should come with the rental.

      Pamela Zahorik


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