Very cool recording.

This is our Single, Double, Triple warm up in a round.  It’s quite complicated, but these kids make it look easy.




Brass instruments need a bath

The brass instruments valves and slides are getting sticky.  They need a proper bath.

Brass Cleaning

Supplies:  trumpet or trombone cleaning “snake.”  You can order one from Leonards Music (where you possibly rent from).  They call the kit a Trumpet Maintenance Kit and a Trombone Maintenance Kit.

Trumpet video:

Trombone video:


Here is a pdf to notate how to do this.

All Town Band Concert

This year the All Town Band Concert will be on Tuesday, March 6th.  This is a chance for the younger grades to hear all of the different levels of band (middle school and high school) and a chance to play with friends from other Burlington elementary schools.  It’s a fun night hosted by the Burlington High School at their big wooden gymnasium.  See you there.