Winter Concert details

Winter Concert:  December 19, 2018

4th grade:  show up at 5:50pm.  Performance starts at 6:00pm

5th grade:  show up at 7:05pm.  Performance starts at 7:15pm


Rental night for Burlington Public Schools

Burlington Public Schools is requesting vendors to participate in a Music Instrument Rental Night. We are seeking vendors to showcase music instruments to parents and students, which may be available for rent or purchase, if parents so choose.


Wednesday September 12th, 2018

Burlington High School Cafeteria

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

5:00 set up time for Vendors



Trumpet: Jupiter, Bach, Yamaha, King, or Conn

Clarinet: Jupiter, Selmer, Yamaha, or Artley

Alto Saxophone: Jupiter, Selmer, or Yamaha

Flute: Gemeinhardt, Jupiter, or Yamaha

Trombone: Bach, Yamaha, Jupiter, King, or Conn


Viola: Eastman

Cello: Eastman



Vendors are required to register

Registration Deadline is September 11, 2018 at 5:00 p.m (est)

To register, please email

Burlington Public Schools Business Office

123 Cambridge st, Burlington MA, 01803


Notes: Vendors should assume that (1) 6 foot by 3 foot folding table will be available for use. If space permits, a second table may be available. Proximity to electrical outlets is not guaranteed. All printed material should be supplied by the vendor.

Questions for this event should be sent to: no later than September 11, 2018 at 5:00 p.m (est)

Brass instruments need a bath

The brass instruments valves and slides are getting sticky.  They need a proper bath.

Brass Cleaning

Supplies:  trumpet or trombone cleaning “snake.”  You can order one from Leonards Music (where you possibly rent from).  They call the kit a Trumpet Maintenance Kit and a Trombone Maintenance Kit.

Trumpet video:

Trombone video:


Here is a pdf to notate how to do this.