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6th grade and still getting emails?

If your child is in 6th grade, please (un)follow this blog and start following:



4th Grade lessons start next week

NEW 4th Band Schedule 1




                                                         MON                              WED                                FRI


(Gym testing:  206)

Flute 218, 204 Flute, clarinet, sax 217
(Gym testing:  219)
10:10-10:40(in the middle of music class) Clarinet and sax

218, 204

Trumpet, trombone 217
4th RECESS:  10:35 Flute, clarinet, sax 206 Trumpet, trombone 204, 218 Flute, clarinet, sax


4TH Extension:  1:00pm Trumpet, trombone 206 FULL BAND (no instruments yet) Trumpet, trombone


How parents can help.

How Parents Can Help

  1.   Help your child establish and maintain a regular practice schedule. As much as possible, have your child practice when you are home. Sign the practice chart, verifying the amount of home practice accomplished for each lesson.
  2.   Help your child remember to bring his/her instrument and lesson books to school on lesson and rehearsal days.
  3.   Keep necessary supplies on hand, for instance, reeds, oil, etc. (Cleaning supplies, instrument accessories, music books, and computer software make excellent birthday gifts.  Band directors and the area music dealers can give you ideas of additional items your child may want or need for his/her instrument.)
  4.   Show an interest in your child’s study of an instrument. Reinforce practice sessions by listening and making positive comments.  Reinforce the understanding that success in all endeavors takes time and effort. Consider using rewards when practice goals have been met, but don’t use practice as a form of punishment. Avoid making fun of mistakes or less-than-perfect playing, and don’t insist your child play for others when he or she doesn’t want to.
  5.   Keep instruments in good working condition. Have them checked over at least once a year by a repair person.

New students: Instruments are coming.

Instruments will be given out at their first lesson next week.  The schedule was given out last week.  See you soon.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school.  It’s time for a new 4th grade band and 5th grade band.  I can’t wait to get started.

High notes on the flute

Click here  for  Mrs Gendron’s video on how to play high notes on the flute.  Notice how my lips move forward and create a smaller space for the air to come out.  My cheeks are puffed too.

Low and medium notes
High notes (puffed cheeks, both lips forward)

Summer lessons

There are many opportunities to continue playing this summer.  Besides getting together with your band friends at each others’s houses, you can take group or private lessons.  The Real School of Music  is on Middlesex Turnpike and has many opportunities to take lessons, join a group and play in front of people.  They are a bit expensive, but it’s a great opportunity for the kids.

If you are a little more budget conscious, I also teach lessons out of my home.  Click on Summer Lessons for the full brochure.  My home email is  Feel free to email me anytime.